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(1) Química Computacional e Modelagem Molecular aplicados em Energia, Sustentabilidade e Nanomateriais (2) Conversão e Armazenamento de Energia e Tecnologia Limpa (3) Simulação por Dinâmica Molecular de Equilíbrio e Não-Equilíbrio e Métodos de Química Quântica (4) Teoria de Átomos em Moléculas (QTAIM) e Teoria do Funcional da Densidade (DFT) no estudo e design de materiais (5) Eletrólitos baseados em Polímeros e Líquidos Iônicos aplicados em Baterias e Capacitores (6) Simulação em Multiescala (QM/MM) e Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD (7) Inteligência Artificial e Machine Learning em Química Computacional


Our research group has worked on the development and application of computational chemistry techniques for many purposes such as: ionic liquids, polymers, graphene-based materials, deep eutetic solvents, materials applied in clean technology, gas capture and separation, lubricants, drilling fluids, biological systems and others. We are located at Niteroi-RJ, Campus Valonguinho, Universidade Federal Fluminense, at the Department of Physical Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry. We have a branch located at Alfenas-MG, Universidade Federal de Alfenas (Prof. Nelson Silveira), and at the Miami University (Prof. Andrew Paluch), USA.
We have interest on the development and applications on Computational Chemistry Techniques such as: First Principles and DFT methods, Molecular Dynamics, Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules, Non-Equilibrium MD and Computational Fluid Dynamics. Computer simulation can be applied to investigate structural, dynamics, thermodynamics, electronic properties of ATOMS, MOLECULES, LIQUIDS and SOLIDS.
Currently, we are focused to study problems related to clean technology and energy conversion, such as gas capture and separation, lubricants for drilling fluids, ionic liquids polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries, fluid-phase equilibria, and solubility based processes. We also have interest to understand the thermodynamics of ionic liquids and their mixtures and applications of spectroscopy techniques to characterize materials and nanodevices, force field developements and machine learning applications.


CAPES/PRINT - UFF : "Computational Chemistry as Strategical Tool for Development of Functional Materials"
CAPES/STINT - Brasil - Suécia Joint: "Ion Transport in Advanced Li-ion Batteries"
APQ-1 - FAPERJ: "Simulação em Multiescala: Aplicações Sustentáveis em Energia e Nanomateriais"


More details can be seen in:

Here are the most relevant publications, for the whole list please access to Google Citations:

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Molecular Modeling and Computer Simulation Group (MolMod-CS)

ÁREA DE INTERESSE: Química Computacional/Computational Chemistry