Application - Information

Admission to MSc. and DSc. courses of the PPGQ-UFF is obtained through a specific selection process for this purpose. The PPGQ-UFF selection process occurs twice a year (July and February). In the case of MSc. course, the selection process takes place through curriculum analysis and the punctuation obtained in an exam on basic knowledge of Chemistry, which encompasses the four major areas of Chemistry (Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry). The distribution of the available scholarships is carried out following the order of classification obtained in the selection process.

In the case of DSc. course, admission in the Program is obtained only through analysis of curriculum and documentation of the candidate, which must be accepted by a permanent member of the PPGQ-UFF. The distribution of scholarships for the Doctorate candidates is performed after the application of the Basic Chemistry Exam, which encompasses the four major areas of Chemistry. The scores obtained in the curriculum analysis and in the exam are used for the definition of the final classification, whose order is used by the PPGQ-UFF for the distribution of the Doctorate scholarships.